Videos for conference stands

Make your conference stand or break-out area more engaging to conference delegates with topical video. With a custom built video slideshow like the one below you can cost-effectively promote your upcoming activities and events. These videos are quick and inexpensive to make. They are also an investment as once the basic structure is laid out they can be speedily edited and rebuilt to include the very latest news.

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Hard disk hell

The event went well. The speakers were brilliant. Everyone was happy. As you left the venue, the technical team gave you a hard disk of the video they had successfully recorded. What next?

Make sure you don’t enter hard disk hell. Let us backup, decode, convert, review and edit your live event footage to streamline your workflow. This will save you time and budget.

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Online video lectures

Online videos of the presentations delivered at live events are a useful resource for delegates who wish to revisit a topic but also spread the reach of the event to those who were unable to attend.

We have developed a range of techniques for creating high quality online video content that makes the best possible use of the recordings you have made.

We process and edit supplied material to create high quality branded videos for distribution: online, on memory sticks or for display on high definition screens in seminars and conference stands.
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